Our Products

Sumber Inti Pangan gives the original taste experience of Indonesia which allows you to enjoy the meaning of life.

Spices and Seasoning Manufacturing

A cornerstone of Sumber Inti Pangan’s business is its spices and seasonings manufacturing capacity. The company produces a broad range of rich spices and seasonings for the local and international F&B markets; optimising the use of physiochemical science to streamline the diverse processes involved in flavour production. The company applies hot air drying and retort sterilisation technology so as to ensure the quality, purity and flavour of the final products. Through this, Sumber Inti Pangan’s research and development team creates a broad spectrum of palatable seasoning recipes in powdered, oil and paste form, ranging from curry powder, chilli powder, onion oil as well as Kakiage paste, among others.

Flavouring Agent and Extracts Manufacturing

As part of the company’s commitment to support its clients in achieving a comprehensive flavour portfolio through the development of a diverse and delectable product range, Sumber Inti Pangan develops and formulates flavouring agents and extracts for the local and global food and beverages industry. The company provides powdered and liquid flavouring agents and extracts that are available in savoury and sweet flavours, consisting of blends and emulsions which can be applied to beverages and dairy products, showcasing the company’s extensive technical expertise to meet the challenges of creativity and quality during product formulation.

Dehydrated Food Manufacturing

Sumber Inti Pangan’s wealth of experience in the spices and seasonings industry has seen the company provide a range of dehydrated food products to meet its customer needs. Dried food products are dehydrated by making use of the company’s premium quality ingredients subjected to high temperatures and dry air. Under the vigilance of Sumber Inti Pangan’s proficient team of food technologists and scientists, dehydrated food products are thoroughly examined to assure their quality and purity level. As demands for seasonal food products coupled with longer shelf-life capacities rises in Indonesia, the dehydrated food sector is set to experience continued growth.

The product range offered by Sumber Inti Pangan includes carrot flakes, basil flakes, roasted almonds, roasted cashews, tamarind powder, fermented fish powder and fermented shrimp powder amongst others, with the company producing 8 tonnes of each product per day. Sumber Inti Pangan’s adherence to stringent food safety processes also ensures its dehydrated food products offer high nutritional value and can be preserved for longer periods of time, making it ideal for the preservation of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Sumber Inti Pangan’s dehydrated food products can therefore be utilised in a wider variety of applications from soups, sauce mixes to dressings and baked goods. This also demonstrates the immense potential for dehydrated food products in Indonesia’s food service industry as a raw material for the replacement of fresh produce in the preparation of delicious ready-meals.

Indonesian Herbs and Spices Manufacturing

Home to the second highest biological diversity in the world, Indonesia’s herbs and spices have been used for centuries as a main component to enhance the taste of various foods and beverages; both in local and international cuisines. Sumber Inti Pangan offers an array of premium quality Indonesian herbs and spices made available as powder or flakes sourced directly from farmers and small-holders across Indonesia. The increased spending on food and shifting dietary patterns towards health and flavour authenticity has resulted in the swift development of the Indonesian herbs and spices industry. Furthermore, the rapidly increasing size of the packaged food industry is also expected to increase the demand for Indonesian herbs and spices.

Sumber Inti Pangan’s in-depth understanding of materials sourcing has allowed the company to efficiently develop sustainable supply chains and distribution channels for Indonesian herbs and spices which; crucial to staying ahead of industry developments and anticipation of market opportunities. The company’s diverse collection of flavourful Indonesian herbs and spices ranges from black pepper, white pepper, tamarind to nutmeg and chilli, and are subjected to strict quality control measures throughout the production process so as to retain optimum levels of active substances contained within the raw materials; this ensures flavours, taste, aromas and nutrient levels are preserved during this process. Given the wide-range of applications, Sumber Inti Pangan thus serves as the ideal partner for the utilisation of its Indonesian herbs and spices products as ingredients for novel functional foods.