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Kawasan Industri and Pergudangan (Office)

Jl. Marsekal Surya Dharma Blok D No.10/19 Bandara Mas Tangerang 15127- Indonesia

☎ Telp.+62 21 - 5504937, 5506905 , 5507961

☎ Fax: +62 21 - 5504935

✉ Email (local) : desita.rahmawati@sumberintipangan[dot]com

✉ Email (export) : auliya@sumberintipangan[dot]com

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About us →

We create products that delight consumers the world over. With a passion...

Our Management →

The Co-Founder is responsible for all of activity in SIP, manage and control...

Our Vission & Mission →

Become A Good Valueable Company With Safety Product - Comply To International Standard and Conform...

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Product Beta


of Indonesia Classic Taste




"There is no energy but spices."

Indonesia cuisine has complex taste come from spices.
We process various spices into dried powder/grinded for food industries solution.

Dehydrated Product

"Natural food for better taste."

We offer dehydrated product with the best quality product.


"Easy to remember, hard to forget."

SIP offers you the best flavour that makes you easy to remember the taste and hard to forget it.


"Enhance the taste of food."

SIP formulates both artificial and natural material to create specific taste.
We provide :
-Seasoning Powder
-Seasoning Oil
-Seasoning Paste and Premix

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Halal & Safety of our products is the main infrastructure of our business and we follow all the procedures to get both of it.

Quality Assurance

Icon QA

Quality Assurance

To meet customer satisfaction, PT. Sumber Inti Pangan committed to yield products of quality, healthy and safe with implementing, developing and improving process performance through the production aspects of food security as follows:

-Implementation and maintenance of way of making good food based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

-Implementation and maintenance of way of making food hygiene based on the Standard Sanitation Operation Procedure (SSOP).

-Implementation and maintenance of the system hazard analysis and critical control point (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – HACCP ).

-Implementation and to the abiding standard Product Premix and Seasoning, Seasoning, Dehydrated Products, Spices and Flavours.

-The provision of caring, understanding and training that is right for all organizations in the management company about the safety aspects of food.

Research and Development

Icon R&D

Research and Development

R&D (Research and Development) is one of the important functions to perform various activities of research and development both in terms of products and the equitment supporting, the objectives delivered innovative ideas to bring new products to market more attractive and can be produced efficiently.

Product Development activities involve multidisciplinary in terms of design, process, product quality assurance, innovations in technology, marketing and business management. In creating new products, R & D take advantage of the development of processing technology and raw materials to get the current product quality and safe for consumption. In addition, R&D is also responsible for product development and quality control to meet the needs of customers, according to the ability of production and ensure quality product produced in accordance with customer requirements and to help ensure the sustainability and quality of all systems that run on and monitor the conformity process. In performing the task to create new products and refining existing products, the R &D  Laboratory equipped with various equipment and other support.

Halal Certification

Icon Halal

Halal Certification

To give confidence to consumers that their consumption of products that are halal, The validity of the certificate is Halal MUI two years. During the period of validity of the certificate is Halal, We guarantee that all the changes both in terms of the use of materials, suppliers and technology, process can only be done with the knowledge LP-POM MUI. Warranties are written down in a system called “Halal Assurance System” SJH  Manual and documented as. SJH is a framework that must be monitored continuously and reviewed periodically to provide direction for the effective implementation of clean production proces.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP is the essence of food safety management system is intact. Where we apply a HACCP analysis is started from : the Procurement of raw materials, Production Processes, Material healding, Packaging and Warehousing.

With this system it is applied at each stage above, the Products PT. Sumber Inti Pangan is a Products that guaranteed security since the beginning of the process to the hands of consumers.

Good Manufacturing Practices


Good Manufacturing Practices

In its operations we Perform in the GMP and Supported by Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available at each stage of Production, methods and process technology adequate. In this case we boosted by equipment and machinery, so Products in a safe, Hygienic and Halal.

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Vision and Mission



Become A Good Valueable Company With Safety Product - Comply
To International Standard and Conform to Customer Requirements.


atisfaction to customer.

otivation to get excellence.

ttitude to be a reliable staff.

elationship to valuable stake holder.

eam work make a winning team.

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