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Soup Ingredients

SIP provides products for ingredients such as seasoning for soups. We are producing a spice that has the best quality of the original Indonesian natural resources.

This product can be applied to other dishes such as Instant Soup and Instant Noodles.

Carrot Flake

This product is produced from the best selection of carrots, so it has guaranteed quality and healthy.

Basil Flake

SIP also offers products such as Basil Flake original produced from the natural wealth of Indonesia. Basil flake can be applied for some food such as Spicy Basil Lemon Chicken, Spaghetti, and many more.


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 1  Roasted Almond Slivered
 2  Roasted Cashew Nut
 3  Carrot Powder/Flake/Granule
 4  Celery Powder/Flake
 5  Spring Onion Leaf/Leek Powder/Flake
 6  Spinach Powder / Flake
 7  Basil Leaf Powder
 8  Ebi/Shrimp Powder
 9  Fermented Fish Powder
 10  Fermented Shrimp /Balacan Powder
 11  Fried Onion
 12  Tamarind Powder/Coarse
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